Friday, July 6, 2007



Iraq is the team that go through lots of political troubles that hides his powerful team that can be so productive if those barriers r not present.....
they recently got the second place in the West Asia Cup and lost against Iran

(by their reserve team)....
But that doznt mean that Iraq iz an Eazy team to play against..... it's still History and still the team that has lot of Trophies...

But we have 2 b honest and talk abt 2day'z Iraq... Not the past....

Strong Points:

- thier offence iz strong that it can change the score of the match at any stage of it if they were in a good Cup lyk the Asian Cup.

- they play by the team work strategy at first.. but if they are losing, they change thier Strategy 2 One player wich confuse the other Team and it totaly depends on their Key players 2 change the direction of the Match and it works mostly.

- they turen 2 be much more productive ibetween strong team lyk the Group that it's in it in the Asian Cup (Oman, Australia, Thailand) and it will prove itself in the Cup.

Weak Points:

- thier Defense iz so weak that any skilled player can go through it easily.

- thier players r young and dont have enought experience 2 win the Cup but this can reflect 2 be a positive thing because their young playerd want 2 prove that they r the best..

- if thier Defece iz easily passed, that makes there GK alone and he's not that good in 1 to 1 situation...


Key Players:
Iraq depends on some of it's best Players in the Gulf wich r popular in the Arabian leagues and some of them are:

Hawar Molla Mohammad:

+ plays in Ain Club ((UAE)).

+ he iz almost the most dangerouse player in the team..

+ He might not b in the first line of the Game, but he'z still 1 of the best Players…


Nash'at Akram:

+ plays in Al-Shabab ((KSA))

+ he'z a midfielder and he'z the heart of the team cuz of his Wonderful Techniuq in the pithch…

Younis Mahmood:

+ plays in Al-Gharafah ((QATAR))

+ One of the best Strikers in the Whole Gulf…

+ He can Deal with any Defense no matter how much it's Stenght iz..…

+ He won the Best Striker in the Qatar League in the last couple of years…